" I am utterly enthralled with God, literature, and motorcycles."

nolan blake price 

Vivo Per La Sfida!



The first part of this page details Nolan's very special memorial service. Service pics- click here.

Midway down the page you will find heartfelt information about Nolan in the eulogies of his siblings, Shayna and David his grandpa, Dave Bradley. 



Nolan is with our Lord and lives! He is in Heaven. 

Nolan was taken to Heaven the evening of August 24th. He was traveling on his motorcycle back to Clearwater Christian College when a woman turned left in front of him. Nolan was unconscious and his injuries were mostly to his chest and abdomen. He died of internal bleeding. We have been given the grace to recognize God's Hand, even in the way He took Nolan to be with Him. Only two weeks prior, Nolan told several of us individually, "I want you to know if I die riding my motorcycle, know that I went out doing something I love."

In the midst of this heartbreak, God is faithful and the Price family has His comfort. He is our hope.

Nolan's service was held in TN and was open to all. I am so sorry if you heard that it was private. Nolan's body was flown from Florida to Tennessee and was respectfully escorted via approx twenty motorcyclists which included many from the Combat Veterans Motorcyclist Association. 

Nolan's service was very blessed and we felt God's presence and peace every moment. The funeral home was perfect in every way and Dan served our family with such grace. Shayna suggested only white flowers to honor Nolan's purity and the place was full of beautiful white flowers everywhere. We attempted to share Nolan, his life and the things he loved with the people who were able to be there. David carefully chose a compilation of some of his favorite music which played throughout the whole building. Shayna created a slide show of precious picture memories. Jacob served by compiling some quotes from Nolan's journals. Two of his favorite poems were read by Debi and Amanda. He loved poetry and literature. We played a few songs which included the Love of God by Rich Mullins, and How He Loves Us by Jesus Culture. Shane, Shayna, Dad and I spoke during the service and David swept us all away with a gripping eulogy at Nolan's grave side, included here below. Lastly, we were very blessed to have the United States Marine Corps show respect with a gun salute and presenting Shane and I with a memorial flag.

Nolan is a committed Christian. He left us with many deep and challenging thoughts documented in personal journals and blogs he maintained. The way he lived his life challenges us to live wholly devoted to Jesus. 
Vivo per la sfida!

*** Shayna's Eulogy ***
Little did you know I would be writing to you in here while stuck on the earth and you were inhabiting Heaven. Or maybe, just maybe, you did know. So you treasured every conversation, every thought of mine, every dream I ever told you.
How can I, so much less of a person than you, begin to honor your life? Short, short life. That is just life here though, and as I write this beside your body I look up just to make sure you heard. It's foolish I know, your body is like it's made of wood. Cold wood. Your soul is completely gone. But because I knew the soul in this body, I can't help but love the body too. 

The nose that turns down a bit. The brow, the cheek, eyelashes, lips.

I think to myself "This body did fearless things", but then I remember, the soul is the fearless one. Your soul. The soul I love. The soul that still lives. 

Your soul pushed past the limits I thought were impossible, made decisions that took selflessness, self sacrifice and compassion stronger than any love of comfort or complacency. Without one word of complaint, without one single ounce of self pity, your entire life you poured your self into bettering yourself as a godly man, a faithful lover of God alone, a promoter of the weak, picked on, poor, unloved, unliked, unwanted. A peacemaker and a legacy creator for our beloved family. The Price family.

Oh the unspeakable beauty of every memory and thought. 
The incredible lovableness of every ounce of you.
The kingly, gracious smile.
The other-worldly determination. 
I've never seen anything like it, I don't think I ever will.

He made sure to weave every fiber of his heart to ours. Mom. Dad. David and I. He is in our fiber and we in his. The same Price blood coursing through our veins made iron, unbreakable bonds and he held us to his
standard for the Price family. He dreamed of a legacy, generations of Prices living with unflinching principles and strong traditions. Fearless, intimate, history-makers and philosophers. Oh God, let us honor his dream!

Sometimes I used to think that you were so beautiful it hurt. That I loved you so much I ached. That your soul, your thoughts, were so unspeakably wise, the depth of your everyday pondering inspired me. They made me ache to some how reach the depths you seemed to be living in every hour. You were never afraid of your deepest thoughts, sometimes I was afraid of my own. But I always wanted to talk to you so I could somehow face those gnawing questions and delve into the abyss of thought with you.

I have been changed by you. My whole life, every year. I'm so grateful you took me with you on your solitary walk. That you held our hands and challenged our hearts to love beyond the capacity we thought we had.

There's not enough time to say this right. There's so much about you I can't describe. How can I do justice to your manliness, godliness, honor, leadership, fearlessness, poetic heart, righteousness, love, selflessness, strength or beauty?

You are one among a thousand men, thousands of men. 

The indescribable love you had for me, Momma, Daddy and David will be the greatest treasure I've ever possessed. 

You gave all of your self and all of the glory to God...now I must follow you.
I will miss you with every cell in my body.

Until we meet again my brother

*** David's Eulogy ***

No one exists or ever has existed who can compare to Nolan. Fearless... Daring... Stellar.

Nolan often told me that he wanted to leave this earth while riding one of his motorcycles. Last Friday God honored his wish and took him Home. A torrent of questions have flooded my mind since that day, many of which have gone unanswered. However, I wish to impart to you all here that God possesses the answers to those questions. I trust God almost as much as Nolan does and I trust in His plan for us. 

I do not posses a fraction of a fraction of the skill with words and deep thoughts that Nolan did, but I want to express, as best I can, what I feel about Nolan and what he means to me. Nolan was everything I ever wanted to be. Disciplined, brave, handsome, competent, stylish, loyal, wise, fearless, immovable... Except by God. Nolan was a man who stood his ground. I never saw him compromise, not even once. To me Nolan and I were two parts of one soul. We did everything together and I have never experienced joy with anyone like I have with him... Nor will I. 

Nolan has left his earthly goals with us, the Price family. I aim to fulfill those goals, and, like him, set new goals that are unattainable in my lifetime. 

Mom and Dad, I truly believe that you gathered the wood, dug the pit, and set the flame that is the Price family. Nolan was the breath that turned that flame into a conflagration; a blaze that burns in every Price's chest; a fire that will grow and be passed on to each unique generation to come. Today, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Nolan.

He was my Wingman, my Brother, my Best Friend.... And he is and always will be the ultimate Price!

*** Dad's (Grandpa, Dave Bradley) Eulogy ***

In memory of Nolan Blake Price

Vivo per la Sfida
"I Live for the Challenge"

For those of you that had not yet had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Nolan Blake Price, my Grandson, that is his motto! He loved to ride his motorcycle and he liked to ride it very fast. I had a recent conversation with him about slowing down and that it would give me another heart attack if he got in an accident. He told me, "Grandpa, if I die riding my motorcycle please know I was happy and doing something I absolutely love when I died." However, for the record... there were 10 witnesses that Nolan was NOT speeding or in anyway in the wrong. He was killed by a woman driver that crossed three lanes of traffic to go into a McDonald's that caused this needless accident.

Nolan was always a deep thinker from the time he was just a little tyke. He was also a dedicated goal maker. Even as a kid he wanted a calculator or a brief case rather than toys. When he was eleven years old his Mom and Dad asked him what kind of bike he wanted for his birthday and he said he would rather have a desk.

Nolan was a dedicated student. He was focused like a lazor beam on achieving the goals he had set for himself. Some of those goals were; Graduating from college on the Dean's List; Sitting for and passing his C.P.A. Exam; Completing the Marine Corp Officer Candidate School and being commissioned as a Marine Officer; Moving to East Tennessee and raising his family.

Nolan accomplished a lot in his 21 years with us here in this life. Nolan was home schooled by his dedicated Mother. I thank his Mom and Dad and I am so proud of his dedicated parents for doing such a wonderful job with all their children. He started college at Montgomery College in Montgomery County, MD. He studied; Italian Language; Accounting; American Sign Language; Criminal Justice and Swimming. He made the Dean's List for both semesters. In 2010 he entered Clearwater Christian College. He majored in Accounting with Bible minor. The first semester he was on the Presidents list and made the Dean's List every semester thereafter. Nolan was an excellent swimmer. He was certified by the American Red Cross as: Lifeguard/and First Aid; CPR/AED; Lifeguard Instructor; Water Safety Instructor; and the American Safety & Health institute certified Nolan in Emergency Oxygen Administration. In 2011 he was selected for the USMC Platoon Leader Course. On 9 July 2011 he reported to Marine Corp Base Quantico for USMC Officer Candidate School and spent the next six weeks in one of the most intense leadership evaluation schools the United States Military offers. He was scheduled to report to MCB Quantico the summer of 2013 for the second increment of OCS before commissioning in 2014.

Nolan was also a volunteer. In July 2010 he volunteered at the Knoxville, TN chapter of the American Red Cross to co-teach a stand alone CPR course. He and his co-teacher certified fifteen responders in CPR for the Professional Rescuer. For the previous two years he has been nominated and elected to the position he currently holds as Community Representative for his college fraternity, Alpha Delta Sigma. As Community Representative he organized a homeless outreach program in the local community. Through the outreach he and other ADS members consistently volunteered at a soup kitchen in St. Petersburg, FL. 

This was a kid that could sit and discuss philosophy and the great writers and poets with anyone. But he was not just a book worm. He could knock out 20 Marine Corp pull ups, do 100 push ups, 100 crunches then jump up and run three miles in under 21 minutes. He was a fire breathing Dragon when he had to be and as one of my brother CVMA members put it he had the "Eye-of-the-Tiger". "From one warrior to another". And he did all this with class. He would have been the finest of Marines.

But above all I have described about what my Grandson was and is... one thing he was above all else... He was and is a dedicated Christian. As an old Pastor we had, Pastor Ben Miller, would always say, "because I know that I know that I know"... my Grandson Nolan is in Heaven this moment! Please join me in prayer.

Heavenly Father, We come to you today in prayer believing that you have already gathered Nolan into your arms. We will miss him here in this world but as the scripture comforts us in John 16:22; "therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice and your joy no one will take from you". This is our belief and prayer that gives us comfort during this time of grief and sorrow. We know that our beloved Nolan is with you this very moment! In fact we know he is looking on with you from another dimension that we cannot see or understand. But none the less we can feel his presence with you comforting us to let us know he is well and full of joy unspeakable! So, Father God, we are putting our faith in You and these Holy Scriptures so that we may continue to live our lives in this dimension until it is our turn to be called home. In the name of Jesus we pray, AMEN

Poem by Nolan

Brother Sun, Wicked Moon

(a rough draft of my thoughts)


Once lovers, long ago.
Sun and Moon as one sphere, an eclipse eternal.

Was it God's great course to sever those bonds inseparable?

Or more apparent her passion for the stars that caused their love to forego?


Moon, oh adulterous Moon!

Your presence brings the oceans to well up in repugnance at your drawing near.

Creatures of like character reign malignant terror when you shed your lustful glimmer upon their villainy.


Yet so beautiful your face, so gracious your glow.

Did the lures of the sea take form after you?

Or rather you likened your radiance after them?

Truly, only the latter gives explanation for your wounding descent.

Bitter was the day -- yet still.


Sun, oh glorious sun!

The untamed passions of your heart burst forth in every direction!

In them a most calamitous capacity,

Equaled - no - surpassed by their endowing love and joy abundant.

Albeit reckless, a heartening life.


Was it God's great course that swayed the orbits for you to align just so?

Or truly the times faux and old that you couldn't let go?

And so came the eclipse (a looming reminiscence of the way things used to be).

Yet now, just a passing by - this time just a passing goodbye.